rules for writing upwork cover letter
rules for writing Upwork cover letter

95 percent of Upwork freelancers get their job proposals at any time. I’m gonna show you the eight hilariously wrong things that they’re doing so that you can be in the 5 percent that land the big jobs. What’s up guys, I’m Evan Fisher, a book freelancer turn founder of unicorn capital in the past four years, I’ve earned over 1.5 million on up work and I want to help you do the same. Your goal is to win jobs, the great clients that pay lots of money, comment with the dollar sign down below if that’s your goal on that work. And my goal is to show you how to do that with a simple, repeatable process. So I’m about to break down the 8 things to avoid at all costs within your proposals, the golden rules to follow to get three times replies and one secret that no one else is telling you. Let’s go full disclosure. I’m not a sales copyright. I haven’t read all the books. All I know is what consistently works for me and attracting awesome upper clients who are a blast to work with and you pay top dollar the path of the job is pretty straightforward and we are on step 1 people winning jobs on our work.

Starts with a high converting cover letter. So first, let’s look at what people are doing wrong in their cover letter, dear Sir, slashing that I am very confused right now. I am certain that I fully understand your job requirements. Oh, really.

Do you know although it is true that I do not have much professional experience? Don’t do that. I promise that I will, uh, you make promises already. Please consider my proposal if it was good, you wouldn’t be rising that at US for two relevant work examples I included for so you don’t listen or what I have already done a draft of your job or you definitely don’t listen here are my questions about your job. Okay, thank you. Bye-bye. If you have done any of those. Then you must leave the comment down below. It is basically impossible not to about that last one. Yes, you should be asking questions, but now is not the time to do it not in your proposal. Let’s talk about where you should be asking questions as we get into the golden rules for proposals wherever possible, use the client’s first name and it shows that the message is clearly personalized. You can find it in the feedback history along those same lines if you have the information, Google the business because industry expand.

But if you’ve worked with someone extremely similar, then do not mention that instead here’s what you should be doing. I’ve worked with another client in Spanish.

And I think you might find it very interesting to have a chat. Let’s keep your proposals short and sweet surprise. The highest paying clients don’t have time to read long messages.

Hit them with authority and social proof. You have to show them your value. What I’d like to do to establish authority is using.

From your profile. You also then have to be offering a very clear CTA. There should be only one thing that that claim has to do and that CTA that called action should be book a call with you. Yes, you’re gonna have questions. You ask those questions either in a call booking form or that call itself.

The PS plays people will skin through an entire message, not even click your links. But will read the P S on the bottom of the message. It is scientifically proven by someone I can’t even remember.

You’ve got to keep experimenting. You’re going to find that you’re going to put in a lot more work when you’re early on in your freelance journey. But the more work and more track record that you have with clients, the more that your work examples and projects feedback is gonna do the heavy lifting for you. So thank you ready to go hold on a second. The number one thing that no one else will tell you you have to read upwards terms of service in full. This is not optional people every single million plus freelancer knows the terms of service like the back of their hands.

The better, you know the terms of service, the more money you’re gonna make because not doing this, it’s like not reading an employment contract for 10 grand. You show up on Monday. You work like a dog all week and on Friday you fill up with the work and has to be paid and the CEO responses. Like thanks for the work. I’ll take that. But.

We didn’t approve for you to do that. So we’re not going to be paying you. That is literally what you’re setting yourself up. And if you’re sitting there nodding your head thinking, Evan, I know the exact situation of how that can happen on upward, then I want you to comment with a 100 down below, but don’t spoil it for everyone if you’re kind of fuzzy or sitting there thinking, like, yeah i’m lost. Then the item at the top of your to do list is taking our breath through and understanding the upward T O S. I guarantee you it will help you get your next job faster, which is what we’re going to talk about in this ARTICLE right here.

Don’t even okay. So you don’t.Okay, so.Just look just like. Okay, thank you. Bye-bye. Thank you. Bye bye bye bye bye bye-bye.

Above are the golden rules for writing upwork cover letter to lend best jobs at upwork.

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